Bend Shocks and Struts

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We have been servicing automobile shocks and struts for many years. Our loyal customers have found a place where they can get their cars serviced with care and attention year after year. When it comes to shocks and struts, our customers want safety, stability, comfort, and an effortless ride. We know what the underside of a vehicle needs, and we can help get your car or truck back on the road and operating safely and steadily.

Many car and truck owners in Bend and Central Oregon often forget to schedule routine maintenance for the shocks and struts on their vehicles. Often, it's the parts on a vehicle that drivers can't see, such as the shock absorbers and struts that are located under the vehicle, that don't get the attention they deserve. In Central Oregon, we have many uneven streets caused by severe weather, and we use snow tires that can cause unusual damage to an automobile suspension, resulting in an uncomfortable ride and poor handling. This can cause increased wear and tear on other suspension components such as tires, ball joints, springs, struts, and shocks, which can lead to unsafe driving conditions.

Shocks and struts are the only mechanical devices on the automobile designed to reduce up-and-down movement. By having the shocks or struts working properly, this movement can be reduced, which offers many additional benefits, such as an improved ride, handling, and control.

Some Indications That Shocks Need Replacement:

Vehicle sways or leans on turns

Vehicle ride is bumpy or shakes

Vehicle nose dives while braking

Vehicle has trouble stopping

Vehicle continues to bounce after hitting a road bump

Some Physical Indications That Shocks Need Replacement:

Cupping of the tires

Oil leaking from the shocks

Rubber dug out around tire's circumference

There are many other potentially severe problems related to poorly maintained suspensions, shocks, and struts. If you are experiencing any difficulty driving or steering your vehicle, then to schedule an appointment right away.


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